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RICKSHAW | Human-powered rickshaw

LAND VEHICLES Human-powered rickshaw Rickshaws (or rickshas) are a mode of human-powered transport: a runner draws a two-wheeled cart wh.

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M&Z Wander World Wide describes the round the world trip of Mary and Zoe in diary form.

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The rickshaw is a three wheeled vehicle used for transportation in many countries especially in Asia. The traditional rickshaw was pulled by humans and came out



Chengde- been here!

Learn about Chengde China, located in the northwest of China, which is famous for its imperial landmarks - the summer palace and mountain resort.

Chinese Terracotta Warriors- I saw these horses. Each one looks just like it's living counter part.

Chinese Terracotta Horses found at the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang

In China there is no official recycling policy or collection service. In big cities like Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou, you will see plenty of differentiated bins, but these are of little use as refuse collectors don't separate the rubbish. People such as this man make a living collecting plastic bottles, cardboard, metals and glass from the streets and selling it on to private recycling companies.

Shanghai: life in the megacity – in pictures

Luca Isola, an Italian, moved to Shanghai in and now calls the megacity of 25 million people home.