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But according to Trumpites, Santa enters the country illegally, with a huge bag of stuff that TSA never checks, and enters people's residences with impunity. Because of this I don't see Santa delivering Trump as president. According to Santa's behaviors Trump would probably put him in a FEMA camp!

ex-friend: '' donald trump isnt that bad!!'' me:

It's not really a great consolation, actually.

I like her beauty & her acting BUT Not her politics (her speech at the Awards show was an embarrassment to women & actors---KEEP ALL POLITICS OUT OF THE AWARDS SHOWS!)

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As well as science and politics, and giving answers to questions like "what kind of cookie are you?"

RedNationRising (@RedNationRising) | Twitter

This is why he lacks true JOY= Jesus First, Others Second and Yourself Third. Looks like selfishness can't help himself. He still doesn't understand the American Christian Philosophy. He has too make himself feel great despite his love of American Traditions. Good riddance fir your last week in office. I hope you enjoyed taxpayers money, golf and your Nazi and Sharia Law inceptors. Grace and bow out!!!!

Donald the doo doo stain Trump . No wonder he has beady little butthole eyes.