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Mimicking Mom

howling lesson from mom. we always teach our baby Bear to howl. He gets it sometimes .

Almost every animal that is naturally white their babies are born black, and gradually turn white as they muture. ..- Facts from bc

White Wolf: Arctic Wolf Pups Can Howl With The Best of Them. Also of note, Arctic wolf pups are born black

Female Tiger taking care of her cub

Tiger Cleaning her Cub. So Precious. Quick Facts *Tigers Offspring (babies) are called Cubs. This big cat can weigh up to 720 pounds, and they usually hunt alone.

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beautiful-wildlife: “ Portrait of a Grey Wolf by Instinct Film ”

The Eyes Have It by Jeff Weymier on 500px

beautiful-wildlife: “ The Eyes Have It by Jeff Weymier Mexican Gray Wolf ”

Pure White Wolf | pure white female wolf song is very quiet and shy but once you get ...

Wolves are an extremely social animal. They exist as a social unit called a pack. Within each pack is an elaborate hierarchy. It may consist of a single breeding pair, the Alpha Wolf must be male and female, a lower group consisting of non-breeding.

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Wolves are magical and mysterious. They are pack animals, great parents and mate for life. They are drawn to the Moon just like me. A Native American at a Pow Wow told me the Wolf is my spirit animal.