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Nail, the last surviving warrior of the Siamese clan, stands at the top of a skyscraper. He’s about to break into enemy territory with only one thing on his mind: avenging his father’s death. Alleycats is a short film produced by Blow Studio and directed by Alejandro Jimenez and Bernardo Gonzalez. A violent and dark action thriller set in a universe where gangs of cats fight to control the streets. If you want to support our crowdfunding campaign:

Freelance Work Projects Design an irresistible, powerful, book cover for a political thriller set in Paris by -Leslie-

We love to use inexpensive Majesty palms everywhere—in rooms that need a little life and on patios and porches. It makes a gorgeous “thriller” plant in a big outdoor container—with showy Tropic Escape mandevilla and hibiscus surrounding its base. Botanic name: Ravenea rivularis Care tip: Majesty palms like moist soil, but don’t allow them to dry out or sit in water.

DIY An easy and inexpensive arrangement in a pumpkin vase set on top of a cake stand makes for a perfect Autumn Through Thanksgiving centerpiece.!

Container Gardening

~Whether the flowers are colorful or not, grouping plants sure does pack a punch. Case in point this blue and white planter filled with white Geranium (the thriller), Lobelia (blue) and Bacopa (white)~