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Базовый гардероб для Ирины.

Базовый гардероб для Ирины.

Never leave the house without your lipstick, Mary Kay Lipstick by Season

Kimberly Williams Paisley (10th Kingdom. Father of the Bride 1&2, We Are Marshall)

Kimberly Williams - Cool Summer or Clear Summer? I think, maybe more Clear Summer. Typical stunning clear eyes for Clear Summer and dark blonde hair.

via Cardigan empire - soft autumn. I thought I was soft autumn, but now I'm thinking I used to be soft autumn when I dyed my hair blond, but now I'm thinking even in the summer when my hair is lighter it's still too rich to be soft autumn.

Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Rich (soft Autumn flowing into soft summer)

Soft Summer Color Palette. La couleur night me semble être très près de la couleur du tour foncé de mes yeux. Le plus foncé de mon iris est un dégradé de cette même couleur

"Soft Summer Color Palette"---Pretty damned scarily accurate for the colors I chose, too.

Example of how to try your best colours. Mustard yellow never looks good on a bright type no mater is she/he bright winter or bright spring.

A Winter with one of their worst colours on left. She looks ill and the colour fights with her naturally cool, bright skin tone. On the right the colours blend naturally and beautifully. This mustardy gold colour belongs to an Autumn who will glow in it.

Make up ulzzang

RinnieRiot: Caffe Latte Makeup Tutorial (Brown and White). I use some dark eyeshadow and a precision liner brush on top of liquid liner to kind of smudge it and give it more staying powder.