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Beachside Covered Porch ~ A simple teak dining table and chairs makes this North Carolina deck the perfect place for a sunset meal. Like a caps visor, the flipped-up roof edge provides extra shade and pushes the rains drop line away from the house.

Should I put roof over deck? - I looked at this design and may go with it at a later date, but right now I prefer the topless deck.

Covered deck, with glass panels - fabulous! I can still grow all of my herbs etc....although we would require the glass to be tinted to provide some relief from the sun!

Semi-Transparent Deck Stain

Big time Value, A Canopy can be as effective as a Covered Porch some time... 4 pennies on the Dollar

Get the Look: A Relaxing Patio, Covered in Containers

I love how this relaxing patio packs in so many containers – I see a plethora of succulents, a couple of boxwoods, a tall yucca plant, and even an orange tree tucked away in there! My dream patio would definitely have containers galore, just like this. With plenty of places to sit, the red cushions [...]

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