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Numerical miracle of the Holy Quran - How can any human write a meaningful book with so many numerical miracles - 1400 years ago! It must be from The God!

Numerical miracle of the Holy Quran - (English Version) Proud of our beautiful Quran ~ Enjoy and share with friends

Quran ! http://www.ilinktours.com/blog/4-tips-to-develop-a-deep-relationship-with-quran/

4 Tips to Develop a Deep Relationship with Quran - Important Hajj and Umrah Guides For Muslim USA

Islamic Daily: Patient

O Allah, please guide me out of this test with righteousness quickly so I may grow and continue on my road to you.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! My dear Allah, to You only I beg. To You only I bow. Please be happy with me when we meet.

DesertRose:::This infographic illustrates some of the mathematical miracles of The Noble Qur'an. Helping prove that it could not have been written by any other but Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

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And 124000 Prophets were sent to mankind, each nation had a Prophet as mentioned in the Quran :)