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Image from http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/209/4/e/ameviet_matryoshka_by_hacchan_pixiv-d7sh7cn.jpg.

Image from http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/209/4/e/ameviet_matryoshka_by_hacchan_pixiv-d7sh7cn.jpg.

Hetalia ~ Canada, France, Romano, Spain, Germany and Prussia

Not mine   Don't know who made this.

This is so sweet. It has nothing to do with pairings. Nothing about those other things you find in fanfics. It's all about that fatherly love that England held for America and that Spain held for Romano. -- Aww, this is too great!

hahahahaha LOL at Austria killing Prussia for taking a picture at Hungary getting undress....(Hungary is austria former wife after all):

hahahahaha LOL at Austria killing Prussia for taking a picture at Hungary getting undress.(Hungary is austria former wife after all) - America's just eating through the whole thing.

Magic Touch by shygurl914 on DeviantArt <<< Just look at Francis's face in the last panel, for some reason I think that he wants to turn Matthieu back into a chibi is so that he can fix all that he did wrong with Matthieu's childhood, like giving him away to Arthur. Either that or he just really wants to cuddle with a chibi Matthieu again or something.

Magic Touch by on DeviantArt <<< france looks so sad and nostalgic in that last panel

Nordic 5 Omg look at Norway

I like how Finland is there like "oh hey sealand" while Sweden is there like "help.

Artie used to always dress up as a wizard and it would always scare what's his face and I. He never learned...

Hetalia Hetaween Halloween the Italy brother costumes suit them so well And there is when Belarus obsession toward her brother star Germany was like why can't my brother be someone else who is more serious

APH: Spain's Influence pt. 2 by XxDramatizationxX.deviantart.com on @deviantART

APH: Spain's Influence by XxDramatizationxX on DeviantART (China continues to criticize Spain, but soon realizes that he had something going there. As a result, poor little Korea is traumatized, and now he and Romano plot revenge)


Adorable hetalia comic America and Italy<<I don't ship it but I feel as if these two would be great friends and they'd totally do this. And Germany and England are watching closely because they don't want those two to become TOO close XD<<<bromance

Russia and America >>> America, sweetie, what the hell did you expect to happen