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My name is Mary. I am 17 years old and i occupy myself with fashion ... I like giving advice about fashion! I hope you will find your style because every person should have a fashion 'identity'! not...

Hello everyone! So I'm gonna start a so all u do is of course send in some questions using the and you must tag me in the question!! Ask as many questions as you want, you can also send in some dares!!! Love you guys!! xoxo

((Open rp. Someone be him)) I'm sitting on the edge of this mountain, crying. "I can't do this anymore" I say through my tears. I stand up, and jump off. Just as I jump, someone grabs my hand, not allowing me to fall. I turn to see a guy from my school.

my theory is this may be the culture of the survivors of Atlantis. And could be very close to what Atlantis wouldve looked like before the cataclysm sunk most of the continent. The same vegetation climate in Portugal, Along with the people of the Azors.

I want to explore new places on my weekends. As a teacher I know i will be busy preparing lessons and grading tests but I want to make time for exploring. I want to go with friends and follow along trails so i can soak up how beautiful nature really is.