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“I want people to look at my characters and at each other as if we are all the same—we have the same flaws, the same habits,” says the young Dutch illustrator Jenna Arts of her gangly limbed and balloon-shaped figures. Her characters tumble around a composition with the endearing manner of Charlie C

Perfect... drawing by Puntastic_Galaxy

Portrait practice. ©Madeline Secules#TDQ (Reference: my brother Oliver.) (This is my first time drawing a portrait of someone. And it turned out really good!!!! :)

When you want to art but cant, did this yesterday. I literally just found a random page in my sketchbook that I didnt completely fill, and draw on it. This is for all ya'll that say my art is "perfect" and other nonsense like that. I am by no means perfect. My doodles look like a 6 year old did them. Comment if you can find all the song lyrics, the artist, and the name of the song. If you can, you will be the most awesomest person ever XD Credit: @artist101102

The Hound of the Baskervilles. (requested by my dad). ©Madeline Secules#TDQ (illustrated quotes from the first and last pages of the book)

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