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The three brothers. But I would switch Dean and Sam cuz Dean died to save Sam's life, while Sam LITERALLY greeted death like an old friend at the beginning of season 9 HP+SPN

S U P E R • A C K L E S | VK

Mark Sheppard( devil),Mark Pellegrino( devil),Robert(I don't know who that is),Misha Collins(Castiel)Jared Padalecki(Sam) & Jensen Ackles(Dean)

Dean, Alone Again ||| Supernatural 5×22 “Swan Song” and 9×09 “Holy Terror” [And again, Cas will be the one to show up first... :')  Also, both times, Cas being newly powered/repowered.]

Dean, alone again. "Swan Song" and "Holy Terror" Cas will be the one to show up first. Sam/Gadreel leaving in the second one.



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Sammmmmmmmmmyyyyyy <3

its heartbreaking how these are from the earlier seasons :(< What about the "It's really not that funny and now I'm going to kill you laugh." >> and the "Sam without a soul" laugh.

Jared taking a photo with his family

Jared taking a photo with his family