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Sometimes things take waiting and patience to figure out what they really are and their importance.


If you find someone willing to go through ehll just to keep your relationship alive, NEVER take their love for granted! -- this relationship is just worth it!

Taking Chances.: Be Patient. http://takingchancesblog.blogspot.com/

Easier said than done, but sound advice Youll get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner. So relax, breathe and be patient

I don't think there's a person out there who hasn't wished this...

I wish I could set the clock back to March/Aprilish. Such a waste of my time and allowing someone to degrade me I am letting go & moving on. Thank GOD.

Our friendship started becoming deep...solid...trustworthy...something to count on and look forward to.

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If it's meant for you, you won't have to beg for it. You will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.


Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing - Hunter S. Thompson quote Love me some Hunter S Thompson

Insanely accurate

Being a stay at home mom is something I've wanted since the thought of having children came to mind. I would be the fun mom, would .

First love

Your first love isn't always the first person you kiss, or first person you date. Your first love is the person you always compare everyone to. The person that you will never truly get over, even when you've convinced yourself you've moved on.

He is correct. But I wish he had not made the comparisons to the defence department. They are losing money because we dont have huge wars going on. He is spot on as to what happens standing in a long line at the post office branch. All of the delivery services do a fantastic job and don't get enough credit for what they do.

This Viral Thread Nails Why The USPS Is Basically A Miracle

it's all about finding the calm in the chaos // donna karan that is so true

the very truth

If you find someone who makes you smiles, checks up on you,. Keep them close and don't take them for granted. People like that are hard to find. LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP.