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Love Yourself Quotes:Loving yourself is such a thing which is important in everyone's life.It is a famous saying that love is blind.

Too bad some people can't even take responsibility and apologize when they hurt someone. They blame everyone else for what they did and continue to play the victim. Some things will never change I guess.

I am sorry Please forgive me I love you. Say this and take responsibility for any situation whether you caused it or not. It changes the energy of the situation and allows forgiveness on all sides. An old Hawaiian act.

I wish some people would realize what forgiveness means. You need to forgive and move on or else the anger you hold inside will destroy your heart and who you are as a person. Don't let the Devil use the anger you have inside you....let it go and forgive.

The road ahead is paved with great opportunities. Enjoy the journey, and seek out those that ignite your passion.

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