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The evolution of Loki.

Tom Hiddleston on the versions of Loki in "Thor", "The Avengers", and "Thor: The Dark World". Anti-hero Loki is my jam! Well he'll always be the misunderstood brother that just needs a big hug.

So cute!

If I were a famous actor, I'd so troll people in movie theaters. [Dad, I think that's Thor and Loki.

Always thought it that way

Tom Hiddleston on Loki still possibly loving Thor. I love that quote before he talks about Loki and Thor.

I think you moved a little too far to the left, Sweetie

When Sebastian Stan wandering into Tom Hiddleston's booth on accident and suddenly realized he was in the wrong booth.XD [wizard world comic con] seb honey.

I beg your pardon?! I have more Loki feels than anyone to walk the face of the earth.

OP: Tom Hiddleston, This man understands me and explained everything that I try to. Marry me seriously! Describes how I feel about most of my favourites as well.

Stan Lee & Tom Hiddleston

Stan Lee on Loki's alter ego, Tom Hiddleston. lol oh Stan Lee