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The Death Tunnel An underground tunnel leads from Waverly’s main entrance to the bottom of a steep hill some 500 feet (or 150 meters) down. ...

Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Kentucky - The Death Tunnel or Body Chute is a 500 foot long tunnel that leads from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill.

ghost boy

The photos above reportedly show the spirit of Timmy, a little boy rumored to haunt the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY.


A youngster’s ghostly playmate has been caught on camera in a photograph taken on a mobile phone, a family claims. Real famous ghost picture In most cases spirit is content to remain vigilant yet all but undetectable.


Vampiric Ghost Woman Photographed in Indonesia? A man only known an Dimas claims he has photographed a ghost behind his friend. On an unspecified date, Dimas was out with a friend at the Citarik river.

La siguiente foto fue tomada a un grupo de soldados que asistieron a la guerra, durante esta  tuvieron muchos descensos de compañeros  y algunos de ellos al parecer no quisieron pasar  desapercibida la oportunidad de acompañar al grupo durante la foto del recuerdo, podemos ver en la ampliación la cara de un sujeto  que obviamente no era parte del grupo.

The Freddy Jackson ghost photo is a famous haunted picture that was taken in 1919 and supposedly shows the ghost of a dead WWI airman. Freddy Jackson was


Elklund Hotel, Clayton, New Mexico - built in late - Coby Beckner took this photo of the Model T for insurance purposes for the hotel and this is what came up - stories about the ghost of Irene have been around for years and she appears to want to drive!