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I want to launch from here and of course get a good picture!

December is crazy enough but when you add in several family/friend birthdays you must organize on a whole new level! And since I t...

Just a boy.

a boy ... is he important? will his love of her cause scandal? Or is he just a farm boy, poor and perfect, whose parents won't approve of a woman who travels and adventures and lives dangerously?

This is my second go of making this card using Balloon Adventures, the first time I cased it directly out of the new occasions catalogue just changing up the colours. This time I simply added an extra panel and I’m much happier with it, I didn’t like the ribbon being wrapped around the main card Read More

Ohio isn't what I had in mind...out west or nuttin at all.. I prefer sunshine and warmth!!!

HA! This is a scene in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl adventures manga.

The 17 Places You Should Go In Ohio In 2017

You don't always have to travel very far at all to have a great year full of fun and adventure if you live in Ohio. From underrated eateries to outdoor adventures, here are 17 places you should go in Ohio in 2017.

This. I. So. Fucking. Amazing. To amazing for words. (Those are words?) (Idek anymore)

((Open role play with multiple people, boys and girls)) It was supposed to be…

I think Stan can be Billy...because..."You are our hero, Stanley."...FEELS. But...Ford is Dipper's hero tho so...