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Soviet book design. Gorbatov, Boris Leont’evich. Moe pokolenie. [My Generation.] Moscow: Sovetskaia Literatura, 1934.

JF Ptak Science Books Post 2051 [Kuznetsov, E.] Moscow: Academia, Cover design by N.] I found this dustjacket art of Soviet-era books.

Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya: Inside The Rainbow

A new book by Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya called Inside The Rainbow: Russian Children’s Literature Examples of book design from this period.

Soviet book design. Dos Passos, J. Tri soldata. [Three Soldiers.] Khar’kiv: LIM, 1934.

Book cover for Soviet edition of Dos Passos Three Soldiers

Bianki, Vitalii, 1894-1959. Teremok / E. Charushin. -- Leningrad, 1931.

Bianki, Vitalii, Teremok / E.

Soviet anti-religious propaganda, ca. early 1930s. A soldier literally skewering God. The books under his arm read “Lenin” and “Technology.”

The books under his arm read “Lenin” and “Technology.” The gory and grotesque art of Soviet antireligious propaganda