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Ain't scared!!

We love to dance and we love to flirt, and we ain't scared of a lil' dirt! Southern Belle T-Shirt.

I keep meaning to get back to the place I donate money to every month, but that ice cream sure sounds good...

Just kidding I'm on my cupcake. Just kidding I hate cupcakes. Just kidding I live for cupcakes. Just kidding I live for veggies. Just kidding veggies make me sick. Just kidding millennials make me sick.

No point in talking to you

Funny Flirting Ecard: You mean you DON'T drive a lifted truck, wear camo, OR shoot guns? I see no point talking to you.


Day 8 of Pinterest ~ I

Quote: If you'll be my soft and sweet. I'll be your strong and steady. You'll be my glass of wine I'll be your shot of whiskey You'll be my sunny day I'll be your shade tree You'll be my honeysuckle I'll be your honey bee - Blake Shelton

Country boys :)

Funny Reminders Ecard: Darlin' if he has to remove his cowboy hat to kiss you, you mus have picked yourself one mighty fine fella'.

You will NOT be a problem.

BEWARE: I ride horses which means I own pitchforks, have the strength to haul hay, and have the guts to scream at a half-ton animal after being kicked. You will not be a problem! Funny but so true?

U got that right!

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Do you admire my Southern drawl? We speak like this because it's too hot to talk any faster!