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Genau darum gehts bei mir :D

Accidently closed book... Opened right back to the page I was on-- Feeling of relief washes over me!

Accidentally closed book, opened right back to the page I was on - A true sign of greatness.

Thank you, Sparknotes.

25 Things Only Broke College Students Understand

told girlfriend we need to leave by 530 she was ready to go - Success Kid

song ends right as destination is reached Success Kid

Elsa marching band

frozen and marching band mashup.

The 5 Second Rule Explained – A Completely Scientific Infographic

Have to fart in public big fat guy nearby Success Kid

So true

I don't care if it floods and we have to march underwater! We're still having practice! This is soo my band director!

15589534_1226547477437712_392143594800678827_n.jpg (400×400)

15589534_1226547477437712_392143594800678827_n.jpg (400×400)

Let us put your payroll on autopilot

I won the state lottery!

Library Book Returns

Library Book Returns

We're fine though, one of the percussionists is actually really good at conducting. Maybe even as good the band director.

2017 Drum Corps International World Championships, Vol. One (Live)

Brace Yourselves: Slutty Uggs Season.


Boyfriend in this case but made me literally laugh out loud. "When my husband asks where all these new gym clothes came from.

That's taking the highway! Then you won't need a blue box time machine(Myin's talk)

fucking old people drivers, one almost killed us the other day, went straight through a stop sign, no attempt at stopping. If they can't read the signs, they shouldn't be allowed to drive.

studio c - doorstep- lol best part ever!!

studio c - 'doorstep scene'-I highly recommend this skit to anyone. It's HILARIOUS.

You know how many times people tell me they cant pay their copay because they need to buy their lortab?! Sounds about right hah!

A day in the life of a pharmacist/pharm tech. my life