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View from where I rest on the cloud #peekaboo #wip #lolagil  by lolagil
Moon in the clouds  wallpaper | made by Laurette | instagram:@laurette_evonen
Laws That Should Totally Be Real (That boy, always with his head in the clouds. The woman shakes her head, folding her clothes with more force than necessary. On the front lawn a boy lays on the ground, feet in the air watching the clouds in the sky. Why would you want your mind confined by the laws of Earth when theres so much more out there? He whispers, pointing to the sky.) ©Ember Shadow
Smoking in the cloud, Amélie Marié / Mounkat  instagram.com/mounkat facebook.com/mounkat behance.net/ameliemrie
'the sun beyond the clouds' @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry