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The Male Kestrel, or Common Kestrel

The Male Kestrel, or Common Kestrel migrates south in winter.

Kestral with a snack

The Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) NP Tsavo Kenya


Birds in mid-flight photographed by Roy Hancliff - Telegraph

Nankeen Kestrel, Falco cenchroides

Nankeen Kestrel, Falco cenchroides +============================+ Landing into a large burnt out tree hollow.

Common Kestrel (female)

Arpan Saha‎Wild Bird Trust English Name - Common Kestrel (female) Scientific Name - Falco tinnunculus Size - cm [Nikon + 300 Location - Rajarhaat Outskirts, Kolkata Shot Taken on - Oct,

Nankeen Kestrel, Falco cenchroides, locked on for landing

Nankeen Kestrel, Falco cenchroides +============================+ Learning the Rules of Hunting Rule Keep your eyes locked on the target. Totally committed to the task at hand this young juvenile swings in over the fence line.