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About my reaction

And then we can finally find out what Zoey said about Chase in the video she put in the Time Capsule! I love Zoey 101

Whaaat, Dustin from Zoey 101!!

Dustin, from Zoey 101 (my sister used to watch this, not me)

I did this for TOP, and Mom thought I was so gothic

This is the truest thing I have ever seen. seriously though they made like the fricken thing was permanent!

Yeah that's me

Sarah C. Anderson takes a funny look at what it's like to be a modern woman in her web-comic “Sarah's Scribbles.

... eine meiner größten Ängste. Und Sie versteht es leider nicht... Y.

Funny pictures about Welcome to Feel City. Oh, and cool pics about Welcome to Feel City. Also, Welcome to Feel City.

13769632_1074242552630750_4143333430301271186_n.jpg (587×582)

13769632_1074242552630750_4143333430301271186_n.jpg (587×582)

Oh I've been looking for this!!!!!!!! Gravity falls gif. Dwarf barfing rainbows

17 Gravity Falls GIFs To Brighten Up Your Day - Gnome Puking Rainbow. >>> this was the gift that got me into gravity falls!