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Big Spoon and Little Spoon by AnotherRandomJerk via reddit ~ Sweet Dreams Beautiful friends ♥

Even kitties like to spoon.

This picture is in so many ways symbolic and strongly speaks for its self....no need to comment more....

such a cutie

Desk idea

Not that I have an empty closet, but i do like this."Closet Office" - Turn your un-used closet/reading nook into an office space. Maximize the little space with lots of shelving and storage *LIKE CORNER DESK/nook & shelving for office corner

I dont always sleep, but when I do, i do it upside down.

How my cat was sleeping this morning - Cutest Paw

Tabby Teacup Persian Kitten

The Persian is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle. In Britain, it is called the Longhair or Persian Longhair.

whiskers on kittens

i want to scratch teh kitteh!

Ai blow u kisses...U catch?

Lolcats - Lolcats n' Funny Cat Pictures - funny cat pictures - Cheezburger…

Chicca | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"It's funny how dogs and cats understand the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it?" --Eleanor H Porter

Its short. It's fluffy. It's chubby. It's a cat.

40 Seriously Swoon-some Engagement Rings YOU Secretly Want

fat kitty Not fat, fluffy!


happy cat :) I love it when you tickle me!