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byrnstar: “ thesearchingastronaut: “ I forgot to design a human rolo for painting bridges :D Here he is. I totally forgot what his major was but… well :D He is something. ” Nice! But you forgot Rolo’s peg leg…? :P ” ohhh… I forgot he had one O__O...

Been sitting on this Candy Pandy redesign for a long time, forgot I had it.-_-; So uh, here he is!!8D Now he has actual candy ears. Old Design: Click for Commission Information! Artwork...

Oh Dear I Forgot To Give A Shit - This funny design features a retro woman with a string tied around her finger and the phrase "Oh dear I forgot to give a shit" and is perfect for showing the world that you live your life on your own terms and you don't give a shit!

Vogue 8815, basted fitting. The student forgot to add length at CF as a part of a cup size increase, so the waist seam rides up a bit at CF. This garment is talking to her, and that is what a fitting is for. www.craftsy.com/ext/BarbaraDeckert_133_D

Are You Running A Blog Or Making A Website Then Dont Forgot Image Optimization By Compressing It. Know About How To Compress Or Optimize Images Without losing Quality For Your Awesome Design And View.

Another Traditional piece I did last year. I'm just going thru some old pictures of tattoos that I either forgot to post or designs that I did not create and posting a few. #tattoo #tattootraditional #tattoolinework #tattooed #tattooist

This weeks #ColourCollective was #opalgrey I woke up at 3am from a #dream I had of having #pet #clouds that I kept in jars. It was so vivid that I had to get out of bed and sketch it out before I forgot the dream. For food they ate tiny stars. I know I have the strangest dreams. #illustration #storymoment #art #design #animation #characterdesign #creaturedesign #fantasy #vividdreams #adorable #cute #kawaii #cuteclouds #cloudsinjars #petclouds

DC size 6 youth sneakers Sorry forgot if it's mens or womens. I just liked the design and decided to buy it. DC Shoes Sneakers

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