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Beautiful Scene by Melisand3 on DeviantArt

Mermaid Christmas Ornament Hand Painted Glass Blue Aquatic Nautical Holiday Gift Beachy Coastal Tree Decor Beautiful Underwater Scene Shells

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She told me to blow in the shell and look away, while she gazed at the ocean with her 6 year old eyes for signs of mermaids.

Imagen de blue, color, and hair

The Little Mermaid by JIRKA VÄÄTÄINEN - #TheLittleMermaid has always been my favourite Disney film. When I was asked to bring to life my favourite Disney moment, I knew it had to be the one scene that sums up Disney for me. More than anything else, it's the hopes and dreams that make Disney so special to me. And this time around, I wanted to make this moment a bit more magical and actually bring it to life. #PartOfYourWorld #Ariel #MyDisneyLife