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Kakao-Quarkkuchen (Kakaós Túrós)

Ginger Pear Rarest Pai Mu Tan white tea is plucked in early spring from a special varietal tea bush called “chaicha”. Blended with the sweet taste of juicy orchard fresh pear and the tingle of spicy ginger for a delicate and delighting infusion. Caffeine Level: 62 Ingredients: ginger, blackberry leaves, lemon balm leaves, white tea, mallow flowers, flavoring.

Feeling distracted or aloof? Need a guidance from the other side? Then this handmade focus & awareness kit is just what you need. This kit comes with a sage smudge stick for cleansing, palo santo wood for sealing in good energies, a dried sweetgrass braid for welcoming good spirits to aid in your process, sweet orange essential oil for gaining your attention, a turquoise blue candle for anointing with oil and enhancing your intentions, leather wrapped turkey or hen feathers (depending o...

I hate how I have a weakness for white-haired anime guys DX they're just so mysterious and good looking!! I mean even this guy is cute but I barely know him!! Also cute couple, and I love that she's holding a green apple :)

Ingredients: 1 stick of butter 2 eggs 1 yellow cake mix 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips Instructions: 1. Melt butter in bowl 2. Whisk together with eggs 3. Stir in cake mix 4. Mix in chocolate chips 5. Press into greased pan 6. Bake at 350– 9×13 for 20 min, smaller pans 25-28 min.

These no-bake energy balls are the perfect option for a healthy snack on the go and only require five ingredients to make.

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