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“Remember this the next time Republicans tell you they're better at keeping us "safe".

That's our America!

Hypocrisy is republicans demanding neo-nazis be allowed to speak freely, but silencing a letter by a civil rights leader (Coretta Scott King).

Donald Drumpf

Jimmy Margulies is an award-winning editorial cartoonist whose work appears in amNew York and Newsday.

29 Reasons Jon Stewart Is The Most Perfect Man On Earth (via BuzzFeed)

29 Reasons Jon Stewart Is The Most Perfect Man On Earth

Yes!  If this describes YOU, then yes indeed....YOU SUCK!

If your first reaction to shootings is to think "Oh shit, Obama/liberals are going to try to take our guns!" Your priorities as a human being SUCK.

PAY ATTENTION.. REPUBLICANS vote to GIVE free Tax dollars to Billionaires. Democrats support bills to keep our middle class, and America strong. #American #budget #VOTE

Kennett Area Dems on

I'm "sure" there's a perfectly good reason why ... Oh, yeah! Republicans hold all three branches of government right now. It's like Christmas for them so why would they want to oust Santa and his elves?

I'm old enough to remember when the GOP stopped the world over a blowjob Bill Clinton had. But Trump's treason and collusion with a hostile nation to win an election?

“Right wing populism / post truth / alternative facts / fake news defined. Trump & Brexit in a nutshell -

Comey testified to congress the FBI has been investigating Trump and Russia since July 2016. His  agency was investigating evidence that the Trump camp were colluding with Russia to swing the election but Comey decided to give a press release about Clinton emails. Who could imagine Comey honestly investigating Trump after the election when he certainly didn't do it during the election.

James Comey Has Some Goddamn Explaining to Do

FBI Director James Comey argued privately that it was too close to Election Day for the U. government to name Russia as meddling in the election.

The last time I pinned a pin like this, it was 22 cents on the dollar...it is getting worse.

Despite this fact both major parties are pushing bills to cut corporate taxes

He's pissing away tax dollars like he earned them - he is pissing away OUR TAX DOLLARS - he does not pay any because he is smart remember!

Remember when whiney manbaby trump complained about the cost of President Obama's vacations to taxpayers? He's going to Florida for weekenders every week.