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:0) lol nice sentence inhancer.

as soon as my swear jar gets full.I'm gonna use that money to get a fucking puppy.

Good times!

Youre not drunk until you have to grab onto the grass to keep from falling off the earth funny quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Teenager Post I'm glad I don't have a thigh gap I almost dropped my phone into the toilet but I caught it with thunder and lightning.

The expression of music...

My taste in music ranges from "you need to listen to this!" to "I know, please don't judge me" lol so true!


Funny pictures about Very close to death. Oh, and cool pics about Very close to death. Also, Very close to death.

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Of m'n kont...

"I love you with all my boobs. I would say heart, but my boobs are bigger." Funny Love Quotes For The People Who Can Handle A Joke

FASD- Those Are Symptoms, Not Behaviors

My Children Have Turned Me Into A Serial Liar (Mommy Truth) Like this.

I am "fat". Who else is "fat"?? Repin if you are "fat".

Life quotes are the best sources of good inspiration. when you really need something more than inspiration then funny life quotes are the best way to make your mood


If you can't handle me at my worst then I completely understand because I can't either. I think we all have moments when we get on our own nerves!

A fun mom blog with lots of diy, tutorials, hawaii life, reviews, giveaways, and more!

People say love is the best feeling, but I think finding a toilet when you are having diarrhea is better. LOL This made me laugh so hard! ESPECIALLY TODAY!