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Sliquid Naturals Silver Available in "pillow packet" form- good for doctors visits, sterile. 100% Vegan friendly Latex, plastic and rubber compatible Glycerin free and paraben free Hypoallergenic and non-toxic 100% waterproof

Bottled water. current list at Crystal Geyser - flat water only - CG Roxane bottler {{Reactions reported to Ouachita Spring (Norman, AK) source. Crystal Springs - Blue Ridge GA source Iceland Glacier Water Voss (Sparkling & Still) Whole Foods 365 Spring Water bubbly: Canada Dry Sparkling water GF Gerolsteiner Perrier - glass only Voss Sparkling water GF

Simply Organic spices- I use cinnamon, pepper, and cloves from this company with no problems. I don't use mixed spices or flavorings. Not certified gluten-free.