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Better than Pamprin!!!

I find much humor in this advertisement by the Midol company. Menstruation has nothing to do with a man x__x

Haha my poor guy.. I told him I took some midol and spent the day looking up humor on here.. so he posts some comment on fb.. I said my happy mood was gone and I was back to grumpy.. so he sends me some pics thinking it would make it better this is what came after haha I love him don't know what I'd do with out him.. I'd be grumpy.. a lot

Sally’s GAY With MIDOL. (24-page booklet sent in plain wrapper). Don't know about gay- what woman enjoys their period, medicine or not?! LOL

Midol should come in a combo pack with a voodoo doll and a Whitman’s sampler. | Snarkecards

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