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Sailor cosmos and human luna

Sailor Cosmos and Luna. I love drawing Luna because I think she has one of the most beautiful character designs that I have ever seen. Sailor Cosmos and Human Luna

I originally wasnt going to do more after Sailors Pallas, Juno, Ceres and Vesta, but decided I wanted to do as many senshi as possible. Some of these girls get very little love, so I want to try to...

Sailor Kakyuu makes 1 appearance in the manga, no appearance in the anime, which to me is a shame. She is the senshi form of Princess Kakyuu who the Sailor Starlights are searching for on Earth Ill.

Sailor Moon Fan Art: Supreme Sailor Moon

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Supreme Sailor Moon for fans of Sailor Moon images.


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Súper Sailor Moon

Continue my new project of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 Fanart, here's Super Sailor Pluto the Guardian of Time! I love her in super sailor fuku, so beautiful. For the next, I will update this wall.