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Behavior chart

like pattern for each choice but then the info on it in the color Teaching in Flip Flops: Classroom (Still Under Construction)

Redecorating your boring chair and those cute crate seats! Can't wait to get started!

First Grade Fever!: My "Trash to Treasure" Project Recover an old school chair with new fabric for an updated and stylish look! Create crate seats for your students with coordinating fabrics.

Whole class incentive - the class earns a brownie when ALL students have HW or complete a particular assignment, etc. When pan is full, class earns a reward - brownies? :)

(Because I totally gave away brownie points in my teaching practicum. and made brownies for my kids on the last day of class.) Whole Class Reward, once the tray is full of brownies, they pick a reward from a mystery bag.

!Kids love and can relate to Hello David. This is a cute anchor chart showing what NOT to do in school.

read the "No David" book(s). Then ask the children what a peacebreaker is and write down what they say. Then do the same for a peacemaker! Hang in the classroom as a reminder to the children!

This is in craft because I'm determined to turn my moms classroom into this glorious piece of zebra girly heaven!!

Teaching in Flip Flops: August LOVE how everything in her room goes together! I'm a little overwhelmed by all the ideas but really want my room to look this put together!

Turn flat head thumb tacks into button push pins

Button Push Pins Makes your cork board prettier! Glue buttons to Push Pins

Here is my before picture! I moved rooms this year so all of my things were packed up and I was starting from scratch. It was a good thing though because I had a chance to clean things out. I use a green and blue theme every year but decided to add frogs to it

Behavior Chart :) I love this chart because it focuses on positive behavior instead of negative. All of the kids start out on ready to learn. Of course they move down as they break rules. They move up(How To Make Good Grades)

One of my sweet followers, Amber Nuckles, sent me a picture of her reading chair!  This is Amber’s first year of teaching and she only had TWO days to set up her classroom!  Whew!  She has created a safari/jungle theme and painted her chair to go with the theme!  Can you imagine how long this must have taken her?!? I could feel Amber’s excitement for teaching in her email.  How

I so have this chair! Now I want to paint zebra stripes on it! I so have this chair! Now I want to paint zebra stripes on it! I so have this chair! Now I want to paint zebra stripes on it!

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Great behavior system that allows kids to go up and down throughout the day at the end of the day they must color their behavior calendar in their take home folder to tell parents about their day!