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Leo is The Heart ~ The Heart is Love

Leo is The Heart ~ The Heart is Love

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth politics… religion.

Funny pictures about If you repeat a lie. Oh, and cool pics about If you repeat a lie. Also, If you repeat a lie.

nmv - no more violence - Benvenuti su nmvband!

nmv - no more violence - Benvenuti su nmvband!

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The Earth without art is just 'eh'. Street art in Paris, France, by artist Levalet. Photo by Levalet Art

Banksy's NYC Debut "Better Out Than In" Day 1-11...

Banksy is taking what we think about graffiti and turning it upside down. What is the difference between vandalism and art? Is his "vandalism" just making NYC more beautiful? We hope one of these pops up over by the Chipp'd office. Banksy is ook heel cool

Une sélection de créations issues du portfolio du street artist belge ROA, qui peuple les rues et les friches industrielles d'animaux monochromes. Un univers

Street Art – 34 créations de ROA

No need to go to the museum to see good art, just head out to the streets and you might get a chance to see some great street art. Here are a few examples.

Street art at its best: a collection of 20 artworks you shouldn't miss

So simple

Rain Girl: September by Banksy in New Orleans. Exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina, Banksy showed up in New Orleans. He left his mark around the city, providing stenciled commentary on the post-Katrina days.

Banksy, San Francisco


A great work by Bansky, which shows how he takes an object (Like the No Trespassing Sign) & turns it into a statement & work of art.