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Alejandro Burdisio  -  -

Argentinian artist Alejandro Burdisio imagines original digital paintings, mixing vintages and futuristic elements.

DAYVI's Portfolio at - "Ancient Statue"

Ani Reimi-Orsa is concept artist and illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland. Inspired by nature and animals, Fantasy, Ani created beautiful landscape concept artwork which looks like watercolor painting.

Dystopian Dieselpunk Art

Russia is one of the countries outside the West where dieselpunk is extremely popular. However, a typical feature of Russian dieselpunk is a dystopian point of…

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The Art of Studio Ghibli

Koriko from Kikis delivery service, made by Studio Ghibli, and Hayao Miyazaki. The town was partially based on the Swedish towns of Stockholm & Visby.

Cross Connect Magazine

Our Future with Flying Cars by Alejandro BurdisioAlejandro Burdisio is an Argentinian artist who has created a vision of our future with flying cars.

Vaisseaux de l'espace

It's friday and it's time for us to start a new inspiring day with a CG Legend Artist, Sparth ( Nicolas Bouvier ) who's recently worked for the Halo franch


This zeppelin interior has a wonderful Piranesian quality to it.

ходить по Эдвардом Del Rio

Concept art by Eddie J Del Rio.More concept art here. Another thing if like to try

#futuro #41 : las ciudades son tan grandes y como ya usamos miniaeronaves como carros, hay un submundo underground, diferenciado de la urbe nice mas aerospacial

Cyberpunk, Cyber City, Futuristic Architecture, Future, Sci-Fi City by Ferdinand Ladera.

book cover book cover Robert Silverberg, sparth - nicolas bouvier on ArtStation at

book cover, done for two novels from robert silverberg reunited unto a single volume.