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Image de sirius black, james potter, and remus lupin

What happens when The Marauders sneaked Firewhiskey into Moony's drink Okay so i know this is probably a dumb question but does anyone know who is the perso who potreys james in this pin ??

I think if J.K Rowling ever makes more books about the wizarding world I hope its Marauder era but next gen would be cool to!

but i'm not good with directions and i hide behind my mouth, i'm a pro at imperfections and i'm best friends with my doubt<<< HOLY SHIT I LOVE THE CAPTION

"I lived in my fathers dungeon since the day I was born, he said to me every night I was the blame for my mother death, that I had no right to live. but if he truly wanted me dead then why am I'm still living?" _Lydia