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Guerreira da Luz & Metamorfose d'alma:  "Ora e pede. Em seguida, presta…

Simple app: Just install the app and set as your live wallpaper! You can change the speed of the water flow and butterfly wings in the Zen Garden!


"Through what we call 'suffering', life strips us down to our bare essentials…

Zen Take a moment to get away from modern life. Reflect. It's a world worth saving. Live green

Feng shui healing is possible when you know how to use it the right way, but it is first important to understand its basics. Feng shui basically means wind and.

With good will for the entire cosmos ~ cultivate a limitless heart ~ above, below, and all around ~ unobstructed ~ without hostility or hate ~❤️~ Buddha

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Talmadge Harper - Certified Ultra Depth Practitioner and Quantum Healer

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Frankincense - Meditation through ritual requires the proper incense- The frankincense is the very best, and soothing way to ritualize your unique spiritual experiences.