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Cleveland, OH isn't home to an abundance of mid-century architecture, according to enthusiasts Charity and Ben Crawford — and this pair would certainly know. When they decided to move in together, they had a very difficult time tracking down a 1950s abode. Their luck changed overnight, however, when a friend decided it was time to pack up and move to California. In his departure, their friend left behind 1,600 square feet of prime, mid-century real estate. Before the couple knew it, they…

In Ohio, Trading in Traditional for Mid-Century Modern, Design*Sponge

Storage and art ideas

airplane prints for a little boys room! I love flying.if I had a lily boy I'd have to do the planes!

What fun for a bookshelf! I was gonna say "a child's bookshelf", but I really think my bookshelf would like them too!

Cute animal silhouettes decorate that bookshelf. - Laminate animals and put in the place where each animal book belongs to help students find books they are looking for!


What a novel idea! Guitars on guitar stands! If only my daughter had thought of this!

An Eclectic 1950s Ranch House For Family and Furry Friends | Design*Sponge

An Eclectic Ranch House For Family and Furry Friends – Design*Sponge


Inspiration in your craft room: type case (letterbak) filled with things you enjoy from Eline Pellinkhof.