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Flowers that Hold Up to Summer Heat in the Mountain West

When the summer sun is blazing and temperatures peak, these plants step up to keep the garden looking bright and fresh.

Hot and cold temperatures, high elevations, drying winds -- those are just some of the conditions that gardeners in the Mountain West and High Plains have to contend with. The right plants and gardening methods can help them

No-Fail Perennials of the Mountain West

Great-looking landscapes don't have to be a lot of work. Pick the right plants and you can enjoy a practically carefree yard that's filled with color from spring to fall. We've pulled together a group of plants that are among the easiest to grow in the Mountain West. These perennials are old-fashioned favorites -- in fact, you may see them continuing to thrive in yards where no one's cared for them in years. Grow them so you can have the best-looking yard in your neighborhood./

Best Fragrant Flowers for the Mountain West


Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the Mountain West & High Plains

Don't let deer destroy your garden or landscape. Try these plants that the four-legged critters often avoid.