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Let's see if this works

Who cares about the favor repost if you love God! I agree ^_^<<<the favours never work but I love the Lord God!

Pin it NOW!!< WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL<<<< C'MON PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!<<<< spread like fire>>I'm only doing it cause this person persuaded me too

Is there something wrong with Justin being gay? There is nothing wrong with ANYONE being gay. I don't care who they are or what they've done- being gay is not a flaw.

I don't understand these things. Comment if these actually worked for you.

of people absolutely do no marry their secondary/high school sweetheart. Most people don't even marry their university partner. I have never reposted or sent on a chain letter and my life is fine.

I believe in God so i repinned | Being a christan | Pinterest | Chain Mail, Devil and Scary

Reposting to share with people that I love God. Not to prove anything tk me or God , and definitely not cuz I'll die in three days

I love these there soo cool but yall should know their fake

REPOST >>> I want everything but the crush thing. I don't have a crush

you rule your own life

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I so agree

that would be the sweetest thing ever. I just hate it when they try to force you to repost. I'm not forcing other people to repost, but I am very fond of the idea.

Help me spread this around! >>> Seriously?! . Pin this on your most popular boards.

Help me spread this around! I don't know if this is true but I will spread it anyway. Also, this isn't funny, but this is a popular board