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Tornado Captured Touching Down in North Dakota

"You're smiling" "Yes." "But you're sad" "Yes." "How can it be a sad smile?" "Oh, Doctor"

43 DAYs to DARKER - He stops and looks up at me expectantly, but he doesn’t get up. “What now, Anastasia?” “Kiss me,” I whisper. “Where?” “You know where.” “Where?” Oh, he’s taking no prisoners... - Fifty Shades Darker by EL James | Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson hard it must've been for them all. Dad is giving son a drink and Mom is studying a map. Note the boy's arm in a sling and oh, all those teensy little shoes & feet. God bless them. I hope it all turned out great for them. July 1936. "Drought refugees from Bowman, North Dakota, in Montana." En route to Oregon or Washington.