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Venezuelan Orchids Illustrated, Vol. 5

Happy Early Holidays to Me: Venezuelan Orchids Illustrated

Cranichis muscosa

Cranichis muscosa

These Weird Flowers Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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As summer winds down, check out these 10 unusual flowers.

10 Most Unusual Flowers

BBB Orchids : Cyrtopodium andersonii [Powered by Weloveshopping.com]

BBB Orchids : Cyrtopodium andersonii [Powered by Weloveshopping.com]

Schomburgkia marginata

Schomburgkia marginata


Same plant posted a couple of days ago but more flowers open. I am amazed at how many flowers this species throws up during the course of the year

Catasetum bergoldianum


Sophronitis alaorii is a plant in the genus Sophronitis. Plant bloom at any time of the year with a single cm wide flower.