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This is Lionel Rich Tea, which combines two all-time favourite guilty pleasures: Lionel Richie and nifty word play.

When You Try To Pronounce These 25 Food Names While Eating Them…

Sincerely, these had me laughing out loud! Grab someone who can laugh with you. Then read these aloud. I'm crying 'cause I'm laughing so hard.

Image from http://logos.textgiraffe.com/logos/logo-name/Gina-designstyle-i-love-m.png.

Image from http://logos.textgiraffe.com/logos/logo-name/Gina-designstyle-i-love-m.png.

funny caption little kid with cigarette this alphabet shit is really stressing me out

Qsprn.com - serious!

This needs to be framed for any friend hooked on Ikea furniture.

This is exactly the chuckle I needed tonight. Poor cat. I bet you he got his owners back bad!

Trolling the cat

LOL I wish I had a cat.I wish I had a cat-door. We have 3 outdoor working cats (we do, after all, live in the country) and nobody comes inside. But a cat-door could ALMOST talk me into letting them inside.

Nigel Farage .... or Homer? You decide! #voteconservative

or Homer? You decide!

SPOILER ALERT!!! If this past Sunday's Downton Abbey took place entirely on Facebook.

they need one of these for every single episode. that was so hilariousssssss. my favorite was miss obrien's thing hahahahhahahaha

hipster llama.

Funny pictures about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Also, Misunderstood emo alpaca photos.

if you ever worry about your cooking skills, remember that at least you're not using an iron & a hairdryer

31 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Culinary Abilities

Funny pictures about College dorm cooking. Oh, and cool pics about College dorm cooking. Also, College dorm cooking.

Crazy eyes - another favourite character from OITNB ❤️

"I threw my pie for you." Crazy Eyes - Orange is the New Black.

I am seriously dying of laughter!

Damn You Auto Correct! - Page 3 of 3519 - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories