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Josie- when I talk about a screaming banshee, this is the image I have in mind ;-) must remember to delete this pin before we give your siblings nightmares, though xx

Banshee Art Print

Creatures from The Mariana Trench. The Abyss. Amazing creatures! Some fascinating some from your nightmares. The ocean is truly amazing!

Creatures from The Mariana Trench

39625 (no idea what those numbers mean, but I think it makes it creepier so I left them. Haha.)

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behind the small creamy mask was a heart shape face with wide bluiging eyes the color of sky blue.the girls hair was sooty black and quite unkmept.her lips were garent red and paitned from ear to ear.

O.O So freaky. Maybe one of the anti-creature you were talking about? The horror ones?

" He said, reaching out to brush the droplets of blood spattered across her cheek away, a ragged smile creeping onto his lips. Bastard killed my dog. I hated that thing, but it was mine.

"They can keep me out, 'Til I tear the walls, 'Til I save your heart, And to take your soul. For what has been done, Cannot be undone. In the evil's heart…In the evil's soul.”    ~INIQUITY~(Summer 2014) Tabitha Freeman

I was becoming more beast than witch. When people looked at me I felt they could see the evil inside me. The evil that has been inside me since birth.

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(Burnt woods by mieshB) Lykonian goddess Dynia. Rules over light, dark, and everything in between.