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This is absolutely extraordinary - the #WonderWoman #Barbie is here! Who got theirs at #SDCC this year!?

Gal Gadot is getting another Wonder Woman Barbie doll, and this one’s a Comic-Con exclusive

GAL GADOT signs 'Wonder Woman toy doll' 4 children's charity @ 'Criminal...

To be given to a little girl in hospital who loves Wonder Woman so that she may be encouraged to get well. Many thanks & much love to Gal Gadot for signing.

I need this Wonder Woman Barbie. @kbartlez grab her for me when you're at Comic-Con, please?

'Batman v Superman' toys debut at Comic-Con

weareallwonderwomen: A Barbie version of actress Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is coming in the spring as part of a “Batman v Superman” movie line! (via ‘Batman v Superman’ toys debut at Comic-Con)

tumblr_oto9a6tOm91uezmbko2_400.gif (268×200)

tumblr_oto9a6tOm91uezmbko2_400.gif (268×200)