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Baptism Gift Idea or lesson handout by constance
More fun handouts for young womens.
Treat yourself to Gospel Sweetness! ...Always Chews the right! ...Stick with the Holy Ghost! ...be a Smartie and follow the prophet! ...Lick Satans temptations! ...Daily prayer can be a Lifesaver!  Search the scriptures for answers Now  Later! Include: double bubble gum, candy stick, smartie, lollipop, lifesavers, now  laters,
Tithing Jar Bank great baptism gift, young women's, priesthood.
"How is the Holy Ghost like a soda can?!" When none of them answered, we discussed how it is easy to crush an empty can. But, a can that is filled is extremely difficult. When we fill our lives with the Holy Ghost, we can not be crushed by adversity!
Super Saturday Crafts: Glass Etching on Pyrex
ways to fold money as gifts
Cool ways to fold money for gifts....
My good friend Ann Marie husband's getting baptized today!  So awesome and neat…