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Жени Каррерас (Genís Carreras)

Hedonism - Pleasure is the only intrinsic good. Actions can be evaluated in terms of how much pleasure they produce. In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize pleasure and minimize pain.

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The work of Genis Carreras Humanism: A range of ethical views that consider human nature to be the source of morality.

Complex Philosophical Theories Explained in Basic Shapes - My Modern Metropolis

Complex Philosophical Theories Explained in Basic Shapes

The main concepts of Philosophy explained through simple shapes and minimalist posters by the English graphic designer Genis Carreras.

Positivism philosophy philographics carreras

Learn Complex Philosophy The Easy And Fun Way

Philosophy can be a very interesting subject to learn. But with its complex nature, let's face it, sometimes philosophy can be very intimidating, difficult

Philographics By Genes Carreras

Based in London, the graphic designer Genis Carreras did the series “Philographics” in which he illustrates different philosophic movements such as