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When Jake first got diagnosed with apraxia and I was on a Google frenzy, I read that, "When a child has Childhood Apraxia of Speech he or she may need 3,000 productions of a sound combination or wo...

Children between the ages of two and three can be often diagnosed with Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech. This webinar will provide strategies for appropriate assessment of the child’s entire communication system, as well as treatment plans designed to improve the major areas of need.

May 14th, day 14 of BSHM ~ Apraxia Awareness Day! ~ Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder creating difficulty producing sounds, syllables & words. It is not due to muscle weakness or paralysis. It is a problem between the brain & the lips, jaw, tongue used for speech. The child knows what s/he wants to say, but his/her brain has difficulty coordinating the muscle movements for speech. Read more about CAS: Picture: CASANA

Childhood Apraxia of Speech- some conversations are harder than others: Tips for speech therapists when talking to parents after the diagnosis

How to Uncover Emerging Skills with a Dynamic Assessment for CAS

How to Uncover Emerging Skills with a Dynamic Assessment for CAS. Kickstart your therapy with the powerful information revealed using a dynamic approach to assessment for childhood apraxia of speech. This a a must-read for speech language pathologists. Part 4 in a great series on CAS!