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Peony Opened - A random flower photo...

I love simple randomness. I'm sure I can collect a bunch of vintage plates from thrift stores or my family members can donate their old flowery ones.

Pallet planter. Flowers in the big pots and herbs in the smaller pots. We used it to hide the space under our outside stairs.

Cutting Away The Pain *Trigger Warning*: start reading a random book. It’s a SciFi novel. Thirty pages into the book, I hear yelling outside. Across the street, a father is practically screaming at his son. He grabs him, and I tense up. Ice claws its way through my veins and breathing was difficult to do. I take a deep breath and start: I feel the chair, I hear the clock, I see the street, I taste mint, and I smell flowers. Just breathe, Taci.

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