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My grandmother (mother's mother) as a child. She was born in Sweden and immigrated to the US when she was small.

This beautiful leather bound book was given to my great grandmother as a gift from my aunt. My mother had it for years and passed it on to me. The title of the book is "When All is Sun Within."

A picture of my mother and father on their 25th wedding anniversary. Their wedding picture is on the table in front of them.

My mother loved to have a party and to entertain. Here she presents a New Year's birthday cake to my uncle.

My mother and I shared a love of collecting and had lots of fun doing it.

My mother was always taking care of everyone, even when she was little.

A book my mother loved - The Cheerful Cherub, by columnist Rebecca McCann. Copyright 1932

My mother and father sharing a laugh in the front yard. There was always something to laugh about!

My mother gave me this beautiful ironstone pitcher years ago and it inspired me to create the painting of hydrangeas behind it. As you can see, I still fill it with hydrangeas.