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emilyscartoons: “ Y’all like them Facebook pages? Slytherin’s got Facebook pages: ” Reblogging the frogging Haven’t taken the Pottermore test but I’m like 97% sure it’s this

I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things

Finally ended! Finally done I came back to Tumblr because of this anime. Can’t believe that there’s gonna be an anime came up to ruin my life by drag me sit in front of the computer, launch my hand to finish many full drawing like this, and make me...

Your First Deployment: How to Thrive {Not Just Survive}

Your First Deployment: How to Thrive {Not Just Survive} I washed my hardwood floors today. A monumental task in this current season of my life, but I managed it. And as the smell of Murphy’s Cleaning Oil was wafting through my house, I found myself rushed back to a life, that now seems very far away, full of fear, anticipation, pain, and waiting... {The Mama Diaries}

Here's my sister trying to look tumblr Pinterest// Reese Willison

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the-girlygeek: “17.11.16 // It’s been a while since I posted! My life just got all kinds of crazy. I have my last final tomorrow for accounting, but of course with my luck, I’ve come down with the flu I’m so tempted to curl up in bed right now....

23 Struggles Every Soccer Girl Understands

Neglecting all your friends and family because you'd rather be with your team. | 23 Struggles Every Soccer Girl Understands